Duterte’s War on Drugs

Yung bawat bukas mo ng TV at pagbabasa ng newsfeed ay puro patayan na ang nabababasa mo. Everyday, like it’s just part of the norm. What’s more alarming is the kind of thinking these events is spreading to everyone (see comment section)—that it is okay to kill, as long as your killing ‘what you think’ is a bad guy. Putting matters in your hands like there is no due process.

This is not okay. ‪#‎PresidentDuterte‬, take a stand on this, make it stop, whoever is behind this. I believe your words are too powerful to stop this. Stop the spread of hopelessnes and lack of faith in humanity,‪#‎StopExtraJudicialKilling‬. Let’s make our country a better place.

New York TImes.PNG

The New York Times article featuring the Philippines on its bloody battle on drugs. View full article on GMA News.

To #PresidentDuterte, supporters of this extrajudicial killing, and citizens of the Philippines, here is a thought to ponder for all of us.

Maybe we should re-think what we know about drugs, addiction, isolation and think of social recovery, re-connection, and hope.


On Manny and Homosexuality

I’ve been trying hard not to react because his opinion doesn’t really matter (never will I vote for him anyway), but then he touched a sensitive topic, an advocacy closest to my heart. He crossed the line, so pardon my long post.

I’ve seen my friends in my news feed already taking sides and I am compelled to take a stand on behalf of my LGBT friends, for the record.

Yes, I’ve watched (or read) both the cut and uncut version of his interview but still felt the same with the issue. What irks me every time I watch your interview is knowing that the premise you presented is wrong, very wrong. The common sense, that you thought was common, has not been updated for centuries! Yes, Manny, common sense should tell you to research first before you speak, because if you did, you should have known that homosexual behavior does exist in animals (here’s a link for starters: http://www.yalescientific.org/2012/03/do-animals-exhibit-homosexuality/). But if I may, following your premise of not engaging in a homosexual behavior because lower beings don’t, does it not make us more superior, as humans, because we are the only beings that are rational, and able to love unconditionally regardless of age, race or gender? For me loving unconditionally makes us more human, and not lesser animals. But then of course only if your premise is correct. Google is a friend, Manny.

Further, science and philosophy, unlike algebra 1+1=2, have no absolute truth. What might be true today might be proven wrong in the next few years ( the closest example is the fact that homosexual behavior is thought to be exhibited by humans only). And so why should I not support them, even if that’s what I felt is right just because of a not so well established fact set by society.

Even the Bible has been interpreted in many ways (Surprise! JSYK the reason why we have several religious Christian Sectors), and as for me, a Christian believer, what remains as a universal truth is that God (John 13:34-45) commanded us to “Love one another as I have loved you.” And if Jesus were alive to answer if it includes gays and lesbians, I’m sure He would answer with a resounding YES! And yes, intimacy is part that. I’m laughing so hard that you’re allowed to cuddle with your wife, but they’re not because, what, their genitals won’t fit? What happened to equality? What happened to love unconditionally?

Why am I over reacting over your opinion? Of course, because you are running for a Senator! Your opinions matter, your ignorance matter, your intelligence (or lack thereof) matter, because it will shape the constitution of this country. But that’s if (at a very rare instance) you’re going to attend any of the sessions anyway. So pardon me for over reacting.

Going back, it is hard for me to understand how people were able to look straight in the eyes of their LGBT friends, work mates, or family members, laugh, work, and co-exist with them knowing they do not entirely accept the morality of their existence. How can you laugh, work, and co-exist with them but not support them and protect their rights, equal rights to freely exist, equal rights to love, equal rights to intimacy, and equal rights to LEGAL marriage? You’re like Alma Moreno supporting RH Bill, but with reservations (following the way Manny presents his argument, by analogy).

Also, you’re always saying that LGBT will rot in hell in the afterlife; if by hell you mean living each day knowing your existence can never be accepted; if by hell you mean living each day trying to fit yourself to a certain norms; if by hell you mean having no equal rights with the rest of humanity (but common sense, of course, masahol pa kasi ang LGBT sa hayop), who needs hell?

AND if by hell you mean living each day not knowing if “your friends of your same kind” still exists or jumped to the afterlife, because hell seemed to be a better place, well I do not know if any of them is still afraid of rotting in hell. This world is far like hell to the LGBT already.


A true story of Bobby Griffith who tried to be cured by his mother because of being gay but eventually lead to his depression and suicide.


On your second premise on homosexuality and religion, I’d like to share this book (there is a movie adaptation of this book, I could share you the copy) that changed my whole understanding of religion and homosexuality to prove my point. This is a story a gay son born in a religious family, rejected, spiritually abused and eventually embraced death because their so-called hell must have been a better place than here. (I can’t help but cry writing this last part of my long post.) This is a story of a mother who eventually found out in the most difficult way that gay love is created, inspired, and blessed by God. If she only knew about it earlier, she could’ve saved her son.


adaptation of a true story, devout Christian Mary Griffith (Sigourney Weaver) fights to “cure” her gay son, Bobby (Ryan Kelley). Although he tries to please his mother, Bobby cannot change his lifestyle, and his depression leads to suicide

And who knows how many other Bobby’s are there in this world that we could actually save by embracing their existence, and supporting their equal rights.

I’d be praying hard that God will touch your heart and make you realize the severity of what you said. I’d be praying that sooner you’ll realize that being gays is okay. I’d be praying hard for that day to come, but ‘til then I’d be praying hard that miracle will happen and that you will not win this election.

Because if in the worse case you will, Gaah! I’d wholeheartedly embrace the fact that “Mas masahol pa ako sa hayop”, a lower kind of panda, maybe?

And Oh,if by supporting gay rights makes me gay, I’d stop supporting animal rights because I’m not an animal.