(Spoiler alert)
Wanting to be abducted by the aliens with all the chants and the journey to Mt. Milagros symbolizes death, giving up, and ending one’s suffering. The characters (Caloy and Mika) is too devastated with what’s happening in their lives they’re trying to find the easy way out– get abducted by the aliens. To me, other than the pa-tweetums, kilig, and pacute cute brought by the two young lead stars, the movie delivers a strong message of holding on to life and having that strong will to live because of the people who love you. The story injects the many reasons of why we have to live even if life is difficult, and especially when life is difficult. A reason to hold on and carry on.
This reminds me of the #TalkToSomeJUAN video we made for suicide prevention (Check here: “Magpahinga ka, pero wag kang sumuko. May nagmamahal sa yo. ❤ ❤ ❤
On Julia and Joshua’s acting. Julia was okay, there was no ‘wow’ moment for her, but overall she was great. I did not expect it from her. She was able to deliver the right act for every scene. Joshua continues to impress me with his acting skill (See Vince, Kath, and James). He’s unexpectedly good! He is very natural, charming, and convincing. Although alam ko may ikalilinis pa ang acting niya para sobrang on point talaga. Pero pagaling siya ng pagaling! Ahh. #DiscreetJoshLiaFan talaga si aquh hihi.
Lastly, cinematography and scoring. Ganda ng mga locations na pinili nila at ang ganda ng nag color grade! Nakakakilig ng kantang Torete. Nakaka LSS. haha! Gusto ko yung iniba iba nila ng treatment ang kantang Torete. Galing!
Overall: Yes, sobrang worth it niya panoorin! Please support! 🙂 #ArtAppreciation

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