Duterte’s War on Drugs

Yung bawat bukas mo ng TV at pagbabasa ng newsfeed ay puro patayan na ang nabababasa mo. Everyday, like it’s just part of the norm. What’s more alarming is the kind of thinking these events is spreading to everyone (see comment section)—that it is okay to kill, as long as your killing ‘what you think’ is a bad guy. Putting matters in your hands like there is no due process.

This is not okay. ‪#‎PresidentDuterte‬, take a stand on this, make it stop, whoever is behind this. I believe your words are too powerful to stop this. Stop the spread of hopelessnes and lack of faith in humanity,‪#‎StopExtraJudicialKilling‬. Let’s make our country a better place.

New York TImes.PNG
The New York Times article featuring the Philippines on its bloody battle on drugs. View full article on GMA News.

To #PresidentDuterte, supporters of this extrajudicial killing, and citizens of the Philippines, here is a thought to ponder for all of us.

Maybe we should re-think what we know about drugs, addiction, isolation and think of social recovery, re-connection, and hope.


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