Movie Review: Ma’ Rosa (2016)

My thoughts on Ma’ Rosa (2016): I saw what I was expecting to see for a Brillante Mendoza kind of film— disturbing, poverty porn kind of a film. Nandun lahat.
The cast were carefully picked for their roles. I felt it required ‘minimal’ acting na since majority of their portrayals are very close to their personality, or portrayals theyre known for. Parang theyre within their own comfort zones lang somehow. So parang effortless lang (or nagmukhang effortless) Which, I guess, is good din since their acting looked very natural on screen.
The Jaclyn Jose was great, as always. There were no heavy OA crying scenes or whatsoever but then she portrayed Ma’ Rosa with such accuracy. Ka abang abang bawat labas niya, para na washing machine ang heart ko na di ko maintindihan. Her acting is very natural, the emotion is very clear. Her eyes and facial expressions speaks so many things kahit wala ng lines. Ugh! Though, for me, as a Jaclyn Jose fan ever since, this is not her best role portrayed in films. Marami pa siyang ginawa sa ibang films na mas madadala ka talaga sa acting niya.
Ang galing din ni Julio Diaz. Kudos din to Jomari Angeles—of course dahil ang hirap ng ginawa niya. Disturbing pero ang galing ng pagkakuha. I really admire these kinds of actors who could go that far for art’s sake. #Goals ko din yan minsan. haha.
Yun nga lang. Like many Brillante Mendoza films, it would really require you to think, watch out for symbolisms and google things para ma gets ng buo ang film. #palaisipan haha. Ang daming issues ang nilahad ng film na ito: drugs, corrupt police officials, prostitution, 5-6 lending, etc.
So on a scale of 1 to “On the Job” (10), I’d give this film a 4. Hindi ako ganun ka namove matapos kong panoorin kasi, pero maganda naman siya. hihi. But then of course, I’m no movie critique or very expert on this, I’d still suggest you to go watch the film and experience yourself. Let me know what you think :))
#MaRosa #IndieFilm #BrillanteMendoza

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